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Self-Awareness Workshop

Dec. 19, 2020, 1 p.m.


🌱 We are glad to announce that we are starting to share our knowledge with Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity ( in France. This is our first mutual workshop and we hope that participants would benefit from it.

βœ…In this webinar-workshop we are going to explore these questions:

1) Do I know all of me?

2) How can I develop a clear image of who I am? what I want? how I want to feel the world?

3) What tools are available to assess myself?

4) What are the basic psychological needs?

5) How can we communicate more effectively with ourselves?

6) What is sustainable personal development?

❇️ At the end of this workshop we will analyze some candidates and give them the tools to analyze themselves. The idea here is to empower you to be able to use theories and tools for your own self-awareness journey.

βœ… If you are interested in this journey you can register through here: Date and Time: Saturday, December 19, 13:00 Paris Time.

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