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Social Interaction lab takes steps towards the enriched communities and culture.

    Humans are connected to each others in different aspects of life. Adding or removing one person from every small or big society has an infinite influence on the that.

In Si Lab we focus on the infinity of human interaction to enhance our knowledge about the vastness of human connections, to find the self role in the society and finally, to build the valuable communities.

We take steps based on these values:

1. Every person makes a big role in the society.

2. Humans are able to make meaningful changes by sharing their values and experiences.

3. We believe in consistency and long term effort to build the sustainable changes.

Therefore, we are moving forward to get closer to a culture which embraces the differences and grows by people's shared values.

List of Si events
Movie Discussion | 1987: When The Day Comes

دورهمی با موضوع فیلم سینمایی "1987: When The Day Comes"

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iTalk | Mehdi Bostan Shirin

Third iTalk Session | Mehdi Bostan Shirin

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Yalda Night

🍉 دورهمی شب یلدا 🍉

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Critical Thinking

🏰 #دورهمی تیم HRC با طعم #تفکر_انتقادی در کاخ #سعد_آباد🏕

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Meeting | Active Listening

🏞 #دورهمی تیم HRC با طعم Active Listening در درکه🗻

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